What is Claydial?







Claydial Therapy
This is my original word, you can’t find this word in a dictionary.
It is made by combining ‘Clay Therapy’ and ‘Remedial massage therapy’.

I have been thinking about how I can express my therapy to people.
Clay + Remedial = Claydial.

My treatment is a kind of therapeutic treatment using different massage techniques, such as Swedish massage and Deep Tissue massage.
Plus, I use clay paste for the face or other parts of the body to improve
the skin conditions of my clients.

Clay therapy is a form of therapeutic treatment using uncontaminated clay.
It is not only used for relaxation but also to improve skin conditions,
and help detox the skin.

Remedial massage therapy is a complementary therapy which aims to treat
muscles that are damaged, knotted, tense or have a limited range of motion.

My treatment is well blended with those two therapies and helps to keep
your mind, body and soul in good shape.













If you are interested in my therapy, please do not hesitate
in contacting me further.
English speaking clients are most welcome!
Male clients are by invitation only.

Here is the English Menu!
Thank you!
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